Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Jude Harper!

Happy 4th Birthday Jude.  We love you so much and honestly can not believe you are already 4 years old.  You are quiet and shy at first but quick to warm up and show your true colors. You are sensitive and considerate, love your gmas and papas, and friends from school, crystal's house, and the neighborhood.  You wanted a superhero birthday party with an Avengers cake and superhero capes for your friends.  We celebrated with outside games at the superhero party with a parachute, stomp rocket, obstacle course, etc., and although mom and dad thought it was crazy and wondered what we were thinking, you LOVED every minute and it made it so worth it.  You have such fun friends and it was a wonderful day for a party.  The day after your party we opened up the gifts from your cousins in our PJs and had monkey bread for breakfast to celebrate.  We love you Jude Harper!!

Easter 2013

 Frosting cookies and dying Easter eggs with my cousins.
 Hanging out with my cousin Connor.
 Wearing my cousin Rita's sequence sweatshirt and playing with my cousin Julia.
 Jude was excited to find his Easter basket...
Eating Easter candy with Papa Gee.

Christmas 2012

 Building a snowman.
 Celebrating Christmas Even with Great Gma Sylvia.
 Jude playing with his racetrack with his cousins.
 All smiles opening gifts in his batman pjs.
 Could he be happier?
 Shooting darts at all of his new toys.
 Glow necklace chains with Eden and Ava.
 More racetrack practice.
 Taking down the tree with Dad.  Cut it up to get it outside and insisted on wearing my work gloves like Dad!
Our tree before we took it down.  Love having a fresh cut tree from the black hills of South Dakota!

Fall Family Photo Shoot

We did a photo shoot this fall with Art in Motion Photography.  Love her style!  Thank you Kristen Kincade Campbell! Can't wait to have you take photos of our family of four in May!

Happy Halloween

 Climbing the Rock Wall at the SDSU Wellness Center.
 Watching the 5K Runners in their costumes.
 Giving our best Captain American pose to win a prize at the Wellness Center.
Hanging out with neighbor friends Miles and Jack before trick or treating.
Trick or Treating at Gma and Gpa Gee's house.

Jude was excited to trick or treat for Halloween this year and wanted to dress up as Captain America.  Being the awesome mom that I am - I didn't even know who Captain America was and had to Google it!  Man, I am behind the times.  Far to much candy, but good times had by all. 


My sisters came home for Hobo Day and we all celebrated 100 years of HOBO Day at SDSU with the parade, football game, family time, and catching up for friends from SDSU. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jude's First Day of 3T Preschool

Jude was excited to head back to Fishback preschool and see his friends this year. 
Mom: What do you want to be when you grow up?  Jude: Dr. Tan  (his family practice doctor)
Mom: What are you excited to do at school? Jude: projects
Mom: What friends are you excited to see?  Jude: Iaasac, Kyra, Jonathan, Kamile, and Carolyn, she pulls me in the wagon.